CCTVYLLE™ Prelude Issue #00 Review


This comic is based in a dystopian future where everyone is being watched 24/7. This Big Brother theme could be a nod of what’s to come in our (maybe not so distant) future. The watchers are hybrids:

Owls with camera heads.

Screenshot (5)

Creepy right? But very clever. Since there is always the fear or suspicion of birds (especially owls) watching us, that suspicions is now a reality it’s in this comic.

Anyway, when there is oppression, rebellion is never far behind. That is in the form of three rebels (so far). They are fighting against the people who created the hybrids. The thing is: Who are they and are they working for something or someone bigger?

The comic does a good job with the story and the plot. It has enough suspense and mystery that when you see the bad guy, the comic ends, leaving readers with a cliffhanger.

More info on the comic and the publisher, go here.


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